Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quota in allotment of plots too!

iconimg Saturday, June 30, 2012
M Tariq Khan
June 05, 2006
IF YOU thought that the quota applied only to jobs and higher educational institutions, think again. There is a reservation in the allotment of plots too! More than 1,000 application forms were sold by the LDA on the very first day of the launch of its Vibhor and Vinayak Khand Housing Scheme in Gomti Nagar on Monday. And you can bet that prior to obtaining the registration form majority of these aspirants, who had lined up at the LDA counters, would have hardly been aware of the fact that 66 per cent of the plots in the scheme were already reserved. The odds against the general aspirants were raised further when the Central Government enacted a policy for allowing 10 per cent reservation to senior citizens in all such disposal/allotment of properties. Apart from general category, this quota said the Union Government’s circular would also apply to the reservation already specified under different sub-sects and castes. In effect, it implied quota within the prescribed quota and more.
Though the recipients’ share (see box) under the quota stipulation has been in force since 1999, its impact by those not covered under it is being felt only now. Reason: There has been a blanket ban on all direct allotments ever since the controversy over Vipul Khand plot allotments broke out and a PIL subsequently filed in the matter is still before the Supreme Court. “This is grossly unjustified. When the Apex court has ruled that reservation in any institution, organization or form should not exceed more than 50 per cent, then why are we being subjected to this unfair treatment,” said Nizamuddin Alam, a resident of Nishatganj, as he waited for his turn in the queue at the LDA counter in Gomti Nagar. 
So, how is the balance tilted in the favour of the quota brigade and what are the chances of non-quota aspirants when the lots for over 1,200 plots in these schemes are finally cast. Lets see. “Of the 1,200 plots only 371 plots would be available for General Category for those below 60 years of age,” said an LDA official.
“What is more, SC/ST and OBCs get two chances to try their luck under the current arrangement. Once under the prescribed category and thereafter their names are also included in the lottery draw held for the general category. So it would be fat chance for me to procure a property” rues Anil Kumar, a resident of Krishna Nagar, who is vying for a plot third time round.

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